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Learn How We Support the Robinson Nature Center

About the Robinson Foundation

The Robinson Foundation grew out of James and Anna Robinson's love for the land where they lived beside the Middle Patuxent River. In 2003, Mrs. Robinson created a trust to ensure that their beloved woods and the wildlife of Howard County and the Columbia, Maryland, area would be protected and shared with future generations.

The Legacy of Annie and James Robinson

James and Anne Robinson were dedicated to public service. James served in the Maryland National Guard and in the U.S. Army, fighting in Europe during some of the darkest days of World War II. Anne devoted herself to helping less fortunate neighbors through St. Louis Catholic Church and Christian Services of Howard County. Neither came from a wealthy family, and both were hard-working throughout their lives. Private and quiet by nature, they liked nothing better than to share some coffee on their porch and admire the flowers blooming in the surrounding woods. Through the years, those flowers and woods and the wildlife that lived there meant more and more to the Robinsons. When it came time to decide the property's fate, Anne Robinson chose to share it with the community. Her gift represents the generosity anyone can show toward the future.

Robinson Foundation


The Robinsons' 18-acre home site, which adjoins the Middle Patuxent Environmental Area, is now the site of Howard County, Maryland's first publicly owned nature center. Opened on September 10, 2011, the Robinson Nature Center offers children and adults the chance to learn about the natural world through science, history, the arts, and sustainable design.


The Robinson Foundation's primary mission is to support the Robinson Nature Center. The Foundation also sponsors a wide range of environmental events and initiatives of other environmental, educational, and community groups that share our commitment to connecting people with the outdoors.